Our Story


Revolv Performance is dedicated to providing better products and better ideas, not just for athletes, but for everyone. We seek to provide solutions to those who are looking for something better than what is on the market. We aim to continue to innovate so we can bring the best products to our customers.
Plain and simple, we want to help you avoid pain and achieve your physical goals through better mobility. We are dedicated to helping athletes and exercisers of all ages, all shapes and sizes, all races, and all interests. Through ingenuity and creativity, we look forward to bringing many more great products to you, our customers.



The inspiration for the Revolv Barbell Roller arose from a need. Our founder, Chris Nichols, has always been a competitive athlete. Having participated in numerous sports, he eventually found an interest in Olympic Weightlifting, first participating as an athlete, then in 2013, becoming a USAW Strength and Performance Coach. Years of participation in competitive sports plus the demands of strength training began to take its toll. Like anyone who has engaged in strenuous activities over a long period of time, Chris began experiencing tight muscles, inflexibility and a plague of nuisance injuries. Fueled by a passion to continue training on a daily basis, he eventually found relief through foam rolling and self-myofascial release. Like many other athletes, he amassed a plethora of massage tools for different needs and different parts of the body. Like many other people, he eventually became dissatisfied with the limitations of what was available.


Traditional foam rollers are bulky and lack the contours needed to dig into a muscle. Massage balls and lacrosse balls can dig deeper, but they target one small area at a time. Stick rollers have to be held with both hands so they can only reach certain parts of the body. The need for multiple tools to do one task was an inconvenience.


There had to be a way to make a single tool that would do it all. Knowing that deep-tissue work would require a specially shaped roller, he started looking at the shapes that would do the work the best. In 2016, using found objects and the idea that a barbell could act as handle for a roller, Chris made the first prototype for his own use. It worked so well he knew he had to make it available to others. After a great deal of experimentation, numerous improvements, and a good deal of hard work, the Revolv Barbell Roller was born.

The first prototype of the Revolv Barbell Roller
The first prototype of the Revolv Barbell Roller